Most Recent Update: October 10, 2011

These pages are devoted to the presentation of information concerning the great French sociologist and philosopher, Emile Durkheim (1858-1917). They were created by Robert Alun Jones, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, History and Sociology at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and are maintained by Daniela Barberis, Assistant Professor of History of Science and Social Sciences at Shimer College.

Among the different kinds of information that can be found here are:



A brief biography of Durkheim, as well as a biographical dictionary containing information on figures important to Durkheim.


Detailed, critical summaries (in English) of each of Durkheim's four major works, including:


An abstract (in English) of the recently discovered transcript of Durkheim's philosophy lectures at the Lycée de Sens (1883)


Brief reviews of recent books, articles, and other publications concerned with the work of Durkheim and/or the Durkheimians.


A timeline describing important events related to Durkheim and the Third French Republic.


A glossary of terms and concepts important to the understanding of Durkheim's works.


A complete bibliography of Durkheim's published works, including the original French as well as existing English translations. There is also an extensive bibliography of the secondary literature on Durkheim.


Some full texts of Durkheim's works, both in the original French and English translations, linked to the bibliography above.


A list of Durkheim's lecture courses given at Bordeaux and Paris.


News of recent developments in Durkheim scholarship, conferences, publications, as well as information about how to subscribe to Durkheimian Studies.


A list of Durkheim scholars around the world, with descriptions of their most recent interests and activities.

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